Coldhouse is a creative agency working to produce purposeful media in the world’s most challenging environments. With an insatiable passion for genuine, organic storytelling, Coldhouse is built on a strong foundation of authentic content.

Made up of a group of lifelong outdoors-people, each with their own specific skills and specialities, Coldhouse brings together a team with adventure at their core, the technical experience to lead ideas successfully from conception to realisation, and the professional knowledge to deliver campaigns that bring brands closer to their consumers.

Coldhouse was born out of a desire to tell stories, it’s that simple. From feature length documentaries to bespoke campaigns, we’re interested in people and what they have to say. We believe that the lifestyle and culture is as important as the sport or product, and that human beings are the basis of any good story.

From viral videos to free-to-view web documentaries, narrative led content is the nucleus of a Coldhouse project. Adopting a ‘capture once to produce many’ approach, we regularly work with our clients on multimedia projects that see us delivering suites of photographs alongside video content that includes technical product animations, trailers, festival edits and custom ‘industry specific’ clips from the main narrative films.

We’ve found it very easy to stick close to our roots, and adventure, exploration and human endeavour remain the core of what we do. But we have begun to question the potential longevity of the environments that we all work, play, live and breathe in, and the futures of the communities who call them home.

We now recognise that alongside our work in the outdoor industry, it is our moral obligation to do everything we can to preserve and protect these spaces and their people, and if nothing else, tell their stories so that others can act and affect change for the better.

The Team

We’re a passionate team of adventurers and wanderers who picked up cameras as a way of making sense of the places we explore. Somewhere along the way the line between work and play became so blurred that it disappeared, and that’s just fine by us.

As comfortable dangling from a rope half way up a mile high rock face in Arctic Greenland as we are photographing Romany gypsies in the wilds of the Carpathian Mountains, we’re outdoor experts through and through.