Scotland is full of surprises. On our latest shoot on the Isle of Skye we required drizzle and cloud, inclement weather that would suggest typical spring conditions. No worries, we thought. August on Skye? It will be rain showers galore.

It didn’t quite turn out that way. Arriving at the Old Inn in Carbost we busted out the sunglasses and the sun cream and stared at the MWIS forecast in disbelief. Extensive sunshine. Little if any cloud clearing by midday. Rain not expected. For a week. Damn it. We carried on in the hope of finding some wisps of cloud here and there, heading up to the Cioch to capture some classic scrambling, and then on to Am Basteir where we captured Calum making the third ascent of ‘An Inconvenient Tooth, E8 6c’ on the Basteir Tooth.

Chasing the cloud rather than the sun felt odd at times, especially when we had to get creative and stage some rain droplet action. In the end we opted to stay on the ridge overnight to get an early morning start, hoping to capture some cloud before the sun could get too high and burn it all off.


The rain made a brief appearance at 3am, whilst we were all enjoying the luxury of our bivi bags. Helpfully the midges also made an appearance, often mid-drone shot and mostly when we attempted to eat the carefully packed pizza slices whilst battling with our head nets.

All in all a classic Scottish experience and another successful shoot wrapped up.