We’ve worked, played, lived and breathed in the wilds for the last five years, but our travels into some of the globe’s hidden corners have taught us that we really do need to do our bit to protect the ever-changing world. Familiar glaciers are retreating, the jungles we’re visiting this year are being deforested, and the Greenlandic sea ice where Coldhouse was founded all those years ago is thinning year by year.

As outdoors-people, we see it as a moral obligation to move towards protecting our fragile world. We won’t pretend we know everything there is to know about conservation, but committing to donate one percent of our annual turnover to charitable organisations is the first step we’re taking. We’re proud to be a fully accredited member of the ‘1% for the planet’ initiative, and are honoured to have been selected as a member of their London based steering committee.

To find out more about ‘1% for the planet’, visit their site here.