We’re hiring! At Coldhouse we’re a pretty tight knit crew, but it’s time to grow. We’re looking to take on a studio manager as well as expand our freelance roster.

It’s an incredibly exciting time for us as a business, and after the successes we had in our first year we’re interested in hearing from people who are mad about the outdoors as well as in helping to develop a thriving film production company. 2016 is set to be full of amazing opportunities, ranging from full length feature film production to humanitarian/international development projects in Africa.

We’re by no means looking for ‘the finished article’, and we’re especially interested in people who want to grow with us as we move onwards and upwards.

Studio Manager

We’re looking for someone with experience of working with a creative team, preferably within the outdoor industry. Primary roles would include day to day management of the studio, as well as working closely with clients on a variety of projects.

It’s as much a left brain role as it is a right, and responsibilities will also include concept creation as well as proposal writing and editorial decision making.

The studio manager would need to be based in or around Sheffield, as the duties would mainly be carried out from the Coldhouse studio in Heeley, Sheffield. Hours would be flexible, and there are opportunities to perform some tasks from home. Finally, the studio manager may also have the opportunity to travel overseas when the company are undertaking larger scale productions.

Freelance Camera Operator

The clue is in the title on this one, we’re looking to expand our roster of freelance camera people. What we’re after here are a host of different people, ranging from those who’ve risen up through the ranks of the TV industry right through to alpine warriors who picked up cameras as a means of capturing their adventures.

There are opportunities for a wide variety of roles within Coldhouse in the coming months, so as above, if you’re interested in adventure/outdoor film and feel as though you have something to offer us then please get in touch.

Freelance Editors/Animators

Finally, we’re looking to work with new people on the mouse and keyboard end of production. At the moment the majority of our post production happens in our studio in Heeley, but we’re on a hunt to see what’s out there. We’ve got a small bank of really talented people when it comes to editing stories, but we could do with a few extra pairs of hands on the colour grading, sound design/mixing and animation side of things. Whilst it would be great if you were based in/near Sheffield it’s not essential, so whether you’re a Soho based super-editor or working out of the back of your van in the Clachaig car park then we’d love to hear from you.

Feel free to use the form below, or forward all enquiries, CVs and statements to hiring@coldhousecollective.com